The Last Day

Hello all,

Today is the last day of our residency program! Over the last nine months, we’ve attended and presented at numerous conferences, organized and supported community events, written blog posts here, for The Signal, and our personal blogs, participated in webinars and workshops, and…oh yeah, completed entire projects at our host institutions. We held a Capstone event this week that allowed us to share the final outcomes of our projects with the public and to reflect on what we’ve learned. As we move on to the next phase, I know the lessons learned, challenges faced, and successes we’ve had will stay with us, and most importantly, so will the network and community we’ve built as members of the NDSR program. Thank you to Nancy McGovern, Andrea Goethals, and Kristen Confalone for coordinating this program and guiding us through the process. And thank you to Nancy, Andrea, Erica Boudreau, Joanne Riley, Andrew Elder, and Alix Quan for your support as our hosts and mentors. We appreciate all of the assistance and encouragement we’ve gotten from the greater community as well.


Signing off,

NDSR Boston


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