Update on My Project

Hello friends!
Spring is here, allegedly, although you wouldn’t know from the snow we got recently. But it’s beginning to warm up, the river is thawing, and Harvard Yard is filling up with robins and tourists…


Spring comes to Cambridge (taken on March 22nd)

The arrival of “Spring” also heralds the end of our residency…that May 31st deadline is on the horizon now.  In the next few months, I’ll be trying to tie up all the loose ends and finish up the project, and I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to so far.

The big news is, I officially finished the “self-assessment” phase of my project (also the longest phase). Hooray! If you recall from my earlier posts, I was using an Excel sheet to track how Harvard met the different metrics of the ISO16363 – green for things that are being done and documented, yellow for things that are being done but not documented, and red for things that are not being done at all. So now the spreadsheet is all filled in!



Zoomed out so you can see all the colors


Now that that’s all done (whew!), I’m working on summarizing my findings in a report. Then, with the report done, I’m going to attempt to make some data visualizations that show my results in a more visually appealing manner. Andrea has given me some questions, which I’ll share below, and which I hope to address with the visualizations and my report. They are:

  • Where do we stand related to the standard?
  • Where are the gap areas?
  • How can we characterize the gap areas?
  • How might we address the gaps? What would be a good strategy to approach tackling the gap areas?

In particular,  I am looking to see what the commonalities are, if any, among the gap areas. My hope is that I can suggest a few documents that could be made and could fill several gaps at once – this would allow the DRS to fill the gaps most efficiently. For example, one thing I’ve found so far is that many of the yellow areas are related to the ingest process, so it seems like a document about the ingest process could fill several gaps at once. In the coming weeks, I’m going to continue to look for those kinds of commonalities and try to display them visually. I got some good ideas from Helen at our workshop last week (which Jeff blogged about), and I hope I can find a good way to display all this information.

Also, outside of the main project, I’ve also been working on a few “twenty-percent” things, those professional development, non-project projects.

For example, the rest of the residents and I will be hosting a webinar in a few weeks for Simmons Continuing Education. We’ll be talking about different standards, such as ISO16363, and how these standards can be used for a gap analysis.

Additionally, during the last week of May, I’ll be participating in ALA Preservation Week here at Harvard. I’m going to have a table about Personal Digital Archiving, and I’ll be rotating around to different libraries and schools on campus and teaching students about how they can save their digital lives!

Finally, I’m recording a webinar, along with D.C. resident Jessica Tieman, which we’ll make available to other NDSR residents afterwards.

So…lot’s of stuff going on! It’s going to be a busy couple of months, so make sure to keep checking back here at our blog to see how things wrap up!



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